Total-Use Bottles System™

total use bottles system

The Total Use Bottles System enables 96%-99% of contents to be dispensed.  

Its unique design consists of components used in different combinations to achieve total use of the bottle’s contents. 

Key Features:

  • Body component comes with a top and bottom opening. A pump coupled to the top opening enables nearly all of the bottle’s contents to be dispensed.
    • Pump may include a diaphragm that allows air to enter the enclosure.
    • A diaphragm may enable air to enter into the enclosure to allow the squeezed body to return to its original shape, if a deformable material is used.
  • Formed from a deformable material, such as plastic, so contents can be squeezed from the total use dispenser.
  • A translucent or transparent material enables the user to see the level of fluid within the enclosure.
  • Groves on the body component ensure a firm grip for bottle users.

View the Figures of the Total Use Bottles System here