UV PPE™ Face Shield

uv face shield

This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)™, a companion to the UV Field Of Reach Disinfecting System, provides Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) disinfection to individual users in hospital, first responder, or other healthcare environment.

This unique product has an ultraviolet disinfecting cartridge system that attaches to a securely fitting facemask. Complete with rechargeable battery pack, power cord, LED status indicators, and an on/off switch, the UV PPE provides users with the ability to maintain the product and its operability with ease.

Key Features:

  • Headgear with an outer shield and an optional inner side that is proximal to a person wearing the face shield
  • Configured to receive a disinfecting cartridge that neutralize or destroy pathogens in an airflow flowing therethrough
  • A neutralizing UV light emitter and a destroying UV light emitter as well as an ionizer
  • Plenum with a plurality of baffles to produce a serpentine flow through the plenum
  • Textured and polished baffles and plenum interior with catalytic coatings to destroy pathogens and absorb ions and UV light
  • An air inlet to allow air from the plenum to pass into the inner side of the shield after the air is disinfected and purified by the UV light emitters

View the UV PPE Face Shield patent here

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