Medications Manager™

medications manager

The Medications Manager System™ is a total use system that organizes and prompts a daily medications regimen and confirms user adherence. Trays will be labeled by frequency and type of medication. This product would be useful in hospice, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, or for elderly family members.

Key Features:

  • Uses National Drug Code (NDC) to input each med regimen in home timer software, smart phone app, or internet Wi-Fi.
  • User friendly audio and visual display interfaces to tailor meds time(s) from wakeup to bedtime for one or two simultaneous users.
  • Notifies user when a dose is due; user confirms taking med or can delay taking with timed reminders; system warns user when dose is missed and alerts first caregiver.
  • Notifies user and pharmacy when prescription is due for refill and notifies physician if reauthorization is needed.
  • Adherence confirmation data is stored and reportable to authorized caregiver, family member, pharmacist, and physician (alerts chain when critical dose(s) missed, HIPAA compliant).

Prototype Figures:

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The Patent for the Medications Manager can be found here