Heat/Cool Pad Therapy System™

thermal therapy system

With multiple pads specifically designed to target key areas, the Heat/Cool Pad Therapy System™ utilizes a unique structure which provides the user with a more impactful physical therapy experience.

Uses can range from relieving aches, pain and discomfort from strains and sprains, and to counter exposure to extreme environmental conditions such as in high temperatures where cooling may prevent or mitigate a heat casualty. This product can practically be used in physical therapy environments, rehabilitation centers, or for post surgical recovery, especially orthopedic operations.

Key Features

  • Pads are tailored to fit specific areas of the body:
    • Neck
    • Head
    • Forehead and eye sockets
    • Spine (central thoracic region)
    • Shoulders (shoulder blades and over each shoulder to the clavicle region)
    • Lumbar region (below shoulder and spine pads)
    • Underarm pads for each armpit region
  • Pads that interconnect to tailor thermal therapy for user
  • Pads are double sided:
    • One inside that is placed against the user’s body
    • One outside away from the body where there can be one or more layers of heat retaining thermal insulation barriers such as silk, meta-aramid or para-aramid material as one layer and a second outer layer of wool
  • Detachable thermal inserts
  • Plurality of pouches for thermal inserts into pads
  • Thermal inserts are tubular, which allows for the pads to fit more securely to the user and provide more comprehensive therapy
  • The heat/cool chemical or organic material is a COTS item; the patent is for the unique design of the system comprising the separate pad components or types that are integrated and interconnected together to provide temperature therapy

Prototypes for the Neck Pad:

thermal therapy pad
thermal neck pad

Figures and Diagrams of the Heat/Cool Pad Therapy System can be found here
View the Patent Information here