Doorway Shoe Moulding (DSM) Kit™

,doorway shoe moulding kit

The Doorway Shoe Moulding (DSM) Kit™ produces a finished, clean look for interior doorways.

Builders routinely use baseboard and shoe moulding to finish rooms, but they DO NOT finish the doorways. NO product was available until now. DSM kits effectively finish any doorway in a home with an aesthetic, clean appearance. This product is perfect for commercial builders and hardware stores.

Key Features: 

  • Covers rough and uneven edges and seals gaps between doorways and flooring to prevent buildup of dirt, debris, and insects.
  • Forms a continuous edge with the baseboard shoe moulding for a more finished appearance.
  • Packaged in an affordable kit that finishes both sides of a doorway.
  • Each kit composed of contour-matched pieces to fit commercial homebuilders standard casing profiles (CM375, CM327, etc.), quarter round/elliptical shoe moulding (CM105, CM126), and the standard 4 9/16-inch-wide door jamb.
  • Comes as kits for 1) standard doorway with/without a hinged door, 2) pocket or sliding doorway, and 3) interior side of an exterior doorway.
  • Kits are adaptable to doorway variations and can be filed, sanded, or cut to improve profile matching and miter fit.
  • No-fuss installation; attaches to surfaces quickly; uses same moulding materials and finishes as industry.

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The Doorway Shoe Moulding Kit Patent can be found here
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