Respirator Cartridge for Patient Ventilator™

uv respirator cartridge

The Respirator Cartridge for Patient Ventilator™ is unique in that it is an Ultraviolet Disinfecting Cartridge that ensures a clean and clear ventilation system.

This device is an inline cartridge that would be spliced into the tubing of a hospital patient ventilator, PAPR system, or a first responder respirator; and a UV PPE face mask system. . For use in a hospital, hospice, or at home care environment, this product improves quality of care for patients needing a ventilator.

Key Features:

  • Cartridge can be spliced in at either of two input lines of breathing air with another spliced in at the output tubing
  • Output cartridge that disinfects exhaled air from the patient into a room where a positive airflow system would no longer be required
  • An ultra- violet disinfecting cartridge particularly adapted for coupling with a face mask that covers the nose and mouth or to the inhale and exhale tubing of a patient ventilator
  • Air channel with two 180-degree turns, keeping the cartridge close to the mask for better weight distribution
  • Multiple UV light emitters that emit UVGI light into the flow channel of the cartridge to neutralize or destroy pathogens
  • A plurality of baffles configured in the flow channel to create a serpentine airflow to increase pathogen exposure time to UV light
  • A photocatalyst material such as titanium oxide may be configured within the flow channel that is activated by UV light to increase disinfection
  • An ionizer configured proximal to the inlet to produce charged particles that provide disinfection
  • Any ozone produced may be mitigated by a catalytic converter to a safe level
  • Detachable inlet and outlet filters

View the UV Respirator Cartridge Patent

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