IV Pole Organizer System™

IV Pole organizer

The IV Pole Organizer System™ is a unique, multi-component product that would best be suited for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and hospice or at home elderly care. The multifunctional system provides comprehensive organization to allow for less frustrating IV management.

Key Features: 

The IV Pole Organizer System™ consists of four combined, synergistic components:

1) IV Pole Power Organizer:

A multifunctional surge-protected power strip that provides 110-v outlets, USB outlets, a rechargeable LED flashlight in a 12-v outlet, an LED with three illumination levels, an internal low-voltage rechargeable battery, cleats to secure loose wire from plugged-in devices, a catheter bag hook, a canopy cover, and on/off/reset switch(es).

The power strip mounts to the IV Pole with the cushioned base resting on the wheel base for added stability. Beveled and smoothed edges enable easy cleaning and disinfecting between uses. The cleats come in three sizes to accommodate a heavier HG cord and low-voltage cords.

2) IV Pole Cord Organizer:

An integral component of the power strip (IVPPO) that is attached approximately two feet above the top of the power strip on the IV Pole shaft (or about three feet above the IV Pole wheel base). The cord organizer’s front has channels to secure the eight-foot power cord, and a plug holder in which to place the power strip plug when power is disconnected. The back of the cord organizer has circular guides to secure power cords and IV tubing from devices hung at the top of the IV Pole.

The cord organizer has a male wedge extension that allows the device to be attached to the clamp housing on the IV Pole Organizer Tray (IVPOT). This adds stability to the assembly. It also results in more efficient use of space on the IV Pole when the two components are located on the same horizontal plane. The figures show two design options for the cord organizer. Here again, beveled and smoothed edges permit easy cleaning and disinfecting.

3) IV Pole Organizer Tray:

Attaches to the IV Pole. Shaped slots serve to organize and hold expendable supplies commonly used by/for patients (tissue box, circular emesis bag, raised cup holder, alcohol wipes, and surgical tape). The organizer tray has 2-3 USB ports (USB-2 & USB-C) that provide 5-v power to charge personal electronic devices.

It also has a miscellaneous section for placing a smartphone, a handle for added stability when patients are walking while tethered to the IV Pole, hooks for a disposable stethoscope or other items, guides for IV tubing, and a three-sided mirror that opens out on two vertical sides for patient use. The tray has raised edges to contain small spills; the raised cup holder can firmly secure a soft drink can or cup; and all edges are beveled to allow easier cleaning and disinfecting of the tray.

4) IV Pole Storage Container

A component recently added to the system that provides two slots or bins for patients to store magazines, books, laptops, tablets, and other personal items. The storage container has a flexible, fluid-proof cover with a latch.

Each side of the container has two removable cleats where excess cord from a personal electronic device can be wrapped when the device is not in use. Clamps allow the storage container to be attached to the IV Pole at any level.

Alternatively, a double wedge extension similar to the wedge strategy used in the cord organizer enables the container to be attached directly to the clamps of the power strip. This adds stability and more effectively uses space on the IV Pole’s lower section.

The IV Pole Organizer System’s™ four components will be manufactured with an anti-bacteria material on the surfaces. As mentioned earlier, the edges will be beveled and curved for easier cleaning and disinfecting. The cleaning protocol at one local hospital requires three different chemical wipes to clean exposed surfaces after patient use. A medical grade white or cream color metal coating or mold material will be used.

For more information on the IV Pole Organizer System, click here for our informative PDF.
The Patent for the IV Pole Organizer System can be found here

The Patent For the IV Pole Organizer Tray (IVPOT) can be found here