Rake and Bag Poop Scoop™

rake and bag poop scoop

Our multi-functional poop scoop assembly does so much more than pet waste retrieval.  There is nothing like it in the marketplace!

Key Features:

  • Uses a sturdy COTS hiking stick that’s strong enough to support the user’s weight.
  • Comes with a container scoop attached to the bottom.
  • Includes four mix-and-match accessories that attach to the hiking stick.
    • LED flashlight holder that swivels
    • A small rake
    • Bag roll holder
    • Cup holder

Check out the video of inventor, Dr. Jim Fulbrook, as he demonstrates the features and uses of the Rake and Bag Poop Scoop.

Prototype Photos: 

Poop Scoop
Rake and bag poop scoop

Click here to view more figures and illustrations of the Rake and Bag Poop Scoop
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