UV PPE™ Field Of Reach Disinfecting System

uv ppe field of reach

This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)™ is a companion to the UV Face Shield to provide Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) disinfection to individual users in hospital, first responder, or other healthcare environment.

This unique field of reach system is superior to existing disinfecting wands because it attaches to the user’s forearm where it has UV LED emitters on the top and bottom of the hand to form a 360-degree arc of UV light around the hand. The user wears a glove and anywhere their hand goes or any object that is handled will be disinfected

Key Features:

  • A wrist band having two or more UV light emitters to produce a shower of UV light over the hand to disinfect pathogens in the light field
  • A top-hand UV light emitter configured on the wrist band to produce a top-hand UV light field that is emitted down over the top or back of a hand when donned on a person’s wrist
  • A palm-hand UV light emitter that produces a UV light field over the palm of a hand
  • Visible light emitter that covers the arc of the UV light so users will know what and where the light is disinfecting
  • UV sensors so that if the beam is directed at a shield, the UV light will be turned off

View the UV PPE Field of Reach patent here

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