Doorway Casing Chisel (DCC)™

The Doorway Casing Chisel™ is a specialty tool that makes installation of the Doorway Shoe Moulding a breeze!

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Key Features:

  • Two-sided, reversible doorway casing chisel.
  • Cutting blades that are mirror images of each other to enable quick cleaning of opposing sides of the vertical casing surrounding a doorway.
  • Curved chisel surface that matches that of the doorway casing contours.
  • Comprised of two components: a handle onto which the chisel blades are attached and a pair of chisel blades that are mirror images of each other and reversible.

Doorway Casing Chisel Prototype Photos:

doorway casing chisel view 1
doorway casing chisel view 2
doorway casing chisel view 3
door way casing chisel view 4
doorway casing chisel view 5

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